Michael Niren, Immigration Lawyer, Los Angeles

Immigration Law Firm in Los Angeles

At Niren & Associates we provide Immigration Law services from our office in Los Angeles, California. It is our goal to provide you with all the assistance needed to obtain the proper Visa. Our duty is to help you, your friend, or your family member to study or work in Canada or the United States – without any hassle from the authorities.

In today’s day and age, governments have created barriers for those interested in seeking entrance to a particular country. The rules and regulations of immigration have become extremely complex. For this reason, if you want to relocate to Canada or the United States you need to present your case to an immigration office.

The Immigration Law Firm of Niren & Associates specializes in preparing and organizing applications and documents for Canada and US permanent residence, study permits, work permits, and visitations. All of our immigration applications are prepared professionally and are meant to maximize your chance of receiving a US or Canada Visa in the shortest amount of time possible.

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