Apply for an H1B work visa for LA

A foreign national with a job offer in the United States needs a work visa in order to legally work in the United States. One type of work visa that foreign nationals, including Canadians, can apply for is an H1B work visa. This visa is geared towards specialty occupations and there are strict restrictions on what constitutes a specialty occupation – make sure you qualify before you apply. 

Work in LA on an H1B work visa

The H1B work visa applications process is generally a four step process. This includes ensuring that your occupation is considered a specialty occupation – meaning that it requires a higher than average level of education to be considered for that job.

Your employer must also file a request with the State Employment Security Agency, or SESA. This will determine that the employer will pay you the prevailing wage.

An employer’s attestation is also required for an H1B work visa. This attestation describes the occupation as well as the employer’s history of hiring foreign workers and the wages that are paid for the workers. This attestation also ensures that the work will be there for you because there are no strikes or lockouts that would affect your ability to work for this particular employer in this occupation.

Finally, your employer must file the H1B work visa petition with the INS service centre.

H1B work visa lawyers serving LA and the surrounding areas

Do you have a job offer in the United States and require an H1B work visa? We can help you determine if you qualify for one. Even if you do not think you qualify for an H1B work visa, there could be another type of US work visa that you do qualify for.

Because the application process for any type of United States work visa can be difficult, it’s recommended that you seek professional assistance. We have the resources and experience to ensure that your application stands out and that everything involved in the application process is flawless. Avoid making mistakes that will result in your visa denial and a lost opportunity – contact us using the phone number on the top of this page today!

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