Apply for a TN Visa to work in LA

Many Canadian citizens come to us and ask if it is possible for Canadian citizens to legally work in the United States. If they are able to obtain the correct work visa for the United States, then it is certainly possible. There is a long list of United States work permits and visas available for Canadian citizens to choose from. One of these visas is called the TN visa. TN Visa LA

The TN visa is available only to Canadian citizens and citizens of Mexico under the NAFTA, or North American Free Trade Agreement. In order to qualify, you must meet certain specifications.

Requirements for a TN visa to work in the United States

Someone who wishes to obtain a TN visa must first be offered a job by a United States employer. They must be offered a job that is found on the list of jobs that are suitable for TN visa applications.

If you do have a job on the list, you must be able to prove that you are qualified for it. You must, in other words, be able to demonstrate that you have the proper education and work experience for that job using references, your resume and educational information.

Another important requirement of your TN visa application is that you are strongly tied to Canada via your assets in Canada, your close or immediate family members in Canada or by employment in Canada. This will help the immigration officers understand that you will return to Canada at the end of your stay, and not remain in the United States illegally.

Do you have a job offer in Los Angeles? Do you think you are eligible for a TN visa and want help in obtaining one? We can help you.

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