Why are Asian Immigrants Fastly Growing in Los Angeles?

The Los Angeles Asian community has passed the Hispanic community as the largest group of new immigrants in the city.  The Asian community in Los Angeles is not only large, it is also thriving.  According to the Pew Center, the change in immigration figures is due to declining immigration from Mexico, the weakness of the US job market and an overall crackdown on illegal immigration.  At the same time however, the number of Asian arrivals to Los Angeles has been steadily increasing.

Advantage of Asians’ Education

The study also concluded that Asian immigrants are three times more likely to be admitted to the United States on employment visas and 61 percent of all adult Asian immigrants (defined

usa immigration - usa flagby the study as 25 years old or older) hold at least a bachelor’s degree making these newly immigrants the most educated group of immigrants in American history.  In addition, Pew estimated that roughly 13 to 15 percent of Asian immigrants are undocumented as compared to nearly 45 percent of Hispanic immigrants.

Asian Immigrants’ Family Values

Asian immigrants who responded to the study stated that they are more satisfied with their lives overall than the general public, their personal finances and the direction of the country.  Asian immigrants in Los Angeles also displayed stronger family values than average Americans noting that a successful marriage and good parenting skills are viewed as key priorities.  Included in the study was a showing of 69 percent of Asian immigrants who expressed the notion that people can get ahead if they are simply willing to work hard while on 58 percent of all Americans shared the same view.

Religious Diversity of Asians

Majority of Asian immigrants are of Catholic, Hindu, Protestant, Buddhist, Muslim, and Sikh faith. Asian immigrants in Los Angeles were found to be fairly diverse but on the same notion, few Asian immigrants and even fewer Asian- Americans declared that religion is very important to their lives.

Asian immigrants in Los Angeles appear to be less inclined to see discrimination against their group as a serious group while the city’s two largest minority groups- Hispanics and blacks have noted otherwise.

Thus, while Asian immigration to Los Angeles is clearly on the rise, Hispanics still outnumber Asians in Los Angeles and throughout the country with more than 41 million Hispanic immigrants as compared to 18.2 million Asians in the United States.

US Immigration Opportunities

Moving to the United States unleashes enormous opportunities that intending immigrants may not find in their home country, but the procedures may involve unpredictable challenges, which could delay or impair the visa application process. A visa applicant is advised to speak to an experienced immigration lawyer to be safe.

Green Card Categories

An alien national who is looking to settle in Los Angeles California may apply for a permanent residency or Green Card status under any of the following categories:

  • Employment based Green Card

  • Family based Green Card

  • Green Card Lottery

Each category covers different modes of acquiring permanent resident status in the United States. If you are immigrating to L.A. under any circumstance, the competent team of immigration lawyers in L.A. at Niren and Associates can anytime help you with your immigration needs.

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