Canada Temporary Visas

Do You Need Assistance With a Temporary Residence Visa For Canada?

Temporary Residence in Canada is a Visa for those who are seeking to visit, work, or study. Since these people only want to be in the country for a short period of time, they are considered visitors.

For those who enter on a temporary basis for work purposes, a work permit is required. If you want to study in Canada, a study permit is required.

In today’s world, security is extremely important to all countries. This has turned the immigration process into a complex system. Applicants must know what they are up against, including how to apply and what documentation is required.

At Niren & Associates we have helped thousands of people like you successfully apply for temporary residence in Canada.

There are three main categories for Temporary Visa Status:

Study Permit

Visitor Visa

Work Permit


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If you are interested in working, studying, or simply visiting Canada, you have to prove that you are only planning to stay for a temporary period of time. Typically, this means you should be able to show that you have ties to your home nation and are able to support yourself while visiting Canada.


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