Why would a Canadian be denied entry to USA?

It is not always common knowledge that a Canadian citizen could be denied entry to the United States. When this happens, it is extremely frustrating, upsetting and sometimes surprising if it was completely unexpected. Any plans you had in the United States will have to be put on hold, and you may be left wondering why a Canadian would be denied entry to the United States. 

Reasons why a Canadian could be denied entry to the USA

The two main reasons for denial of entry into the United States are having a health problem that could be considered a danger to others or having a criminal record – even if the offence was minor and you don’t pose a threat to others.

Some additional reasons include drug possession charges, any involvement with terrorist organizations, if you have been deported from the United States or have been found to have overstayed your visa in the United States.

However, having a criminal record can be one of the most significant things holding you back if you want to visit the United States – even for Canadians.

If you are denied entry to the United States, you may be able to apply for a US waiver. This is also called a waiver of inadmissibility. When you apply for this waiver, you provide more information about your criminal case to the United States immigration authorities, prompting them to take a closer look.

Applying for a US waiver is very complicated and many of these applications are denied. In addition, there is a lengthy processing time for them. It is highly recommended that you speak with a licensed immigration lawyer or attorney before applying to see if you are eligible, and to ensure that your application is flawless.

When you apply, you will need to fill out several forms while also including supporting documentation that includes an RCMP certificate, court records, a personal statement prepared by yourself and evidence that demonstrates your strong ties to Canada.

If you have a criminal record and want to visit the United States, a US waiver could be the only way you’ll be able to! Don’t leave this important immigration application up to chance. Contact our immigration law firm for assistance. We have handled thousands of denial of entry cases and we can help you too.

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