Can A Canadian Work in Los Angeles?

Are you a Canadian who wants to work in sunny Los Angeles? You’re in luck! The NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) allows Canadians to work in the United States in cities such as Los Angeles under a TN Visa. US Green Card

Am I eligible for a TN Visa?

To be eligible for a TN Visa you must:

– Be a Canadian Citizen with a valid passport (permanent residents of Canada are not eligible for a TN Visa)
– Have a temporary job offer from a US Employer that is on the NAFTA List of professional occupations that are eligible for a TN Visa (available here:
– Be qualified for the job through your work experience and education.
– Have proof that you have strong ties to Canada and will not overstay your TN Visa, which will be valid for up to three years.

How do I get a TN Visa?

1. Gather all of the supporting documentation needed for a TN Visa application, including:
– Your offer of employment, which is a properly formatted letter specifically for TN Visa purposes from your US employer. This letter will be hazily detailed and include information about the length of employment, type of employment, salary and more.
– Proof of Canadian Citizenship such as a passport or birth certificate.
– Proof of your qualifications for the job.

2. Make an application for a TN Visa – be sure to fill out every single field and answer every question properly and without error. A mistake can result in your application for a TN Visa being denied!

3. Have your TN Visa application reviewed by a licensed immigration lawyer to make sure nothing has been missed and you have enclosed everything that you need to.

4. Pay the fee and submit your application for a TN Visa.

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