Denied Entry to US at LAX

LAX is one of the United States’ most famous airports. With plenty of international flights, it is a huge international travel hub that welcomes many visitors from across the world every single day.

Unfortunately, many of these visitors from around the world are denied entry to the United States at LAX every day also. This is because the United States deems them inadmissible to the country.

The United States customs and border protection officials are in charge of determining who is admissible to the United States and who is not. They ask travelers many different questions, such as why they want to come to the US, what they plan on doing in the US, who they are seeing and where they’ll be staying. They may also ask to search someone’s luggage, but they don’t require permission to do so.

If they are unhappy with any of the answers you provide or something in your luggage is questionable, you will be denied entry to the United States. When this happens in an airport, you will be put on the soonest flight back to where you came from.

Why was I denied entry to the United States?

There are so many reasons someone could be denied entry to the United States. The US customs and border officials should tell you, but if you don’t understand why you are being denied you are free to ask.

Being denied entry to the United States, especially after you’ve already flown there, can be extremely upsetting and inconvenient. Did you know you can take actions to prevent this from happening in the first place? Get your situation sorted out in advance. We can help you determine if you will likely be denied entry to Canada, as well as determine if you have the ability to apply for a US waiver, which will let you into the country.

Please contact our LA immigration office. We can help you!

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