I was Denied Entry to the U.S. How Can I Visit Los Angeles in 2012?

Canada and the United States are friendly neighbours. Because of this, many Canadian citizens are able to cross the United States border with ease to vacation, shop or simply visit. All they need to do is show their proof of Canadian citizenship in the form of a valid passport and off they go!

Why are some Canadian Citizens denied entry to the US?

There is a long list of reasons why someone would be inadmissible to the United States even if they are a Canadian citizen.

Some of these reasons include:

You have a communicable disease
You have a medical problem that could make you a danger to others
You do not have enough money to support yourself in the United States
You have a history with drugs
You have been convicted of a crime or crimes that meet a specific criteria
One of your immediate family members has been involved with selling drugs
You have violated immigration laws

The above reasons are only a select few of the reasons for being denied entry to the United States. Of these, being convicted of a crime in your past is one of the more common reasons a Canadian citizen would be denied entry to the United States.

If you are denied entry to the United States, you could apply for a United States waiver of inadmissibility. This would allow you into the US, while “waiving” your inadmissibility. However, US waivers are not easy to get. After all, you were likely inadmissible to the United States for a reason.

If you are a Canadian and worry about being denied entry to the United States, please contact us! We can assess your case and explore your options. Call us at the phone number above, we would be happy to help you.

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