Denied entry to the US

A criminal record is one of many different reasons why people are denied entry to the United States every day, and it is the most common. People are often surprised when they or someone they know has been denied entry to the United States, because it can be such an unexpected situation.

In addition, being denied entry to the United States is embarrassing and can cost you a lot of money, because pre-paid vacations and airfare are not easily refundable. What can you do? denied entry to the US

United States waivers of inadmissibility for Canadians

The United States has a waiver process for people who are criminally inadmissible, where immigration officials will give careful consideration to the specifics of your criminal record and how much of a risk you really do or really don’t pose to society. They will also consider your reasons for seeking entry, and if approved your waiver will be good for multiple visits for a period of about five years.

Please contact our immigration law firm to determine if you are inadmissible to the United States or not in advance of your travel. This is important because the United States waiver process can take several months, and it requires a significant amount of supporting documentation including RCMP records, court records, personal statements and more.

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