DWI Entry Into Canada

If you have a DWI (driving while intoxicated) conviction, your criminal record renders you inadmissible to Canada. People who are criminally inadmissible to Canada may not enter Canada due to their criminal record, even if they have been convicted outside of Canada. If you are criminally inadmissible to Canada for DWI and you attempt to enter Canada anyway, you will be turned away and must return home.

What can I do if I am inadmissible to Canada because of DWI?

If a DWI conviction has rendered you inadmissible to Canada, there are some ways of getting around it or overcoming it. For example, you may:

1. Apply for criminal rehabilitation, which will remove your inadmissibility if you meet the requirements and are deemed to be rehabilitated.

2. Apply for a criminal pardon or a record suspension.

3. Apply for a temporary resident permit. A temporary resident permit is one of the most common ways of overcoming your criminal inadmissibility to Canada, although you must meet the strict requirements to do so. These requirements include:

– That you have a very valid and important reason for visiting Canada, such as an emergency with your family or a business meeting.
– That you are able to provide all of the necessary documentation regarding your criminal case including copies of the laws you broke, copies of the judgements against you, national, state and local criminal records checks and a personal statement you’ve written among other things.
– That you can prove you have sufficient ties to your home country so that you can satisfy immigration officers’ concerns that you will not overstay your temporary resident permit and will return home after your visit in Canada.

Have you been denied entry to Canada because you have a DWI conviction? if this has happened to you or you worry that it will happen to you in the future should you try and visit Canada, don’t panic. You can speak to a licensed immigration lawyer. While overcoming criminal inadmissibility is not easy, it is definitely possible to do so with professional assistance. Contact us for an assessment on your case – we can help! We have helped thousands of people who were denied entry to Canada with great success.


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