Make sure you fill out your Immigration Forms properly!

Filling out immigration forms can be overwhelming. There are a lot of “quick fix” traps on the internet who’d rather have your money than see you actually end up with a visa. We’re here to help you fill out your immigration forms, starting with some tips on how to fill them out:

Tips for filling out immigration forms in Canada or the United States

1. Fill out your forms completely. If you don’t know how to answer something, speak with a licensed immigration lawyer. If you must leave something blank, write the phrase “N/A” so the officer doesn’t think you forgot something.

2. Include every single piece of supporting documentation that is necessary for your application package. If something cannot be included, make sure you create a cover letter that explains why.

3. Review your application and re-read the instructions to make sure you’ve followed them exactly.

4. Have a licensed immigration lawyer review your application before it is mailed. This can be the difference between approval or denial. Mistakes are easy to make, but they are not easy to fix!

One thing that all people who are filling out immigration forms need to be careful of are cheap online visa kits or downloadable application forms. Sure, it’s quick, cheap and easy. But you get what you pay for and sometimes if it’s too good to be true it probably is. You will likely be sorry if you download to your heart’s content without any help. Getting a visa does not just take a few forms and a fee.

The immigration process is complex, lengthy and requires a lot of expertise. There is never any shame in asking for help when something is so important. We all hire experts to help us with all kinds of things even though it may not be impossible to do it ourselves: we hire real estate agents to help us buy or sell our homes, we hire accountants to help us with our taxes and we can hire immigration lawyers when we need immigration assistance. This is because we don’t have the time or expertise to fret over every little detail, and we certainly think it is worth it to avoid a mistake being made.

If you want to make sure your immigration forms will be filled out perfectly and eliminate the chance of having your application denied because you made a mistake or left something out, call us at the number above. We are happy to help!

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