H1B Visa for Canadians To Work In LA

Canadians who have a job offer in the United States still require a a work visa in order to be allowed to legally work in the United States. One such visa is the H1B work visa. Not all United States work visas are the same, and the H1B work visa is for a very specific set of circumstances. H1B Visa for the United States

For one, the H1B work visa is for workers in specialty occupations. A specialty occupation is defined as a job that usually requires a university degree like a bachelor’s degree or higher, as well as certain levels of skill and experience. This means that not just anyone can do this type of job, and job is so specific that the company generally has to look outside of the United States in order to find workers to fill it.

Requirements for the H1B work visa

H1B work visas are not easy to obtain because the requirements for these work visas are so specific. In addition, there are only a limited number of these visas given out each and every year, so applicants need to apply at certain times when applications for these visas are being accepted.

There are a number of different components to the H1B work visa. There is the actual application itself, which can be made at the United States border if the applicant is a Canadian citizen. There is also a prevailing wage determination that must be filed by your employer to show that they will pay you the proper wage, an employer’s attestation which also must be filed by the employer, as well as a petition for the H1B visa which also needs to be filed on your behalf by the employer who offered you the job.

You should speak with a licensed immigration lawyer if you are considering applying for an H1B work visa in the near future, to determine if you are eligible as well as where and when you should apply. We can assist you in your application for the H1B work visa, or help you explore your options if you do not qualify otherwise.

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