How to Immigrate to Los Angeles through a Family Petition

One of most popular ways of obtaining a permanent resident status in Los Angeles is by filing an application under family petition.

Who may sponsor a relative?

Countries with most number of immigrants in the United States particularly in Los Angeles  area are:Sponsor A Spouse

  • China
  • Philippines
  • Mexico

Several of these immigrants and naturalized US citizens were sponsored by their family members who are either a citizen or a permanent resident of the US. Because of the large quantity of applications filed for family petition each year, the law has set various numerical caps for every country.

As a permanent resident, you can bring you family members to the US by sponsoring them, provided that you meet all the criteria as a sponsor. If you are eligible, you may sponsor the following:

  • your spouse
  • your unmarried children regardless of their age

Only a US citizen is allowed to petition a married child. As you sponsor to bring your family to the country, you should be able to prove that you can financially support their needs once they arrive in the country. Your income and assets should demonstrate the capability of providing for your family. You will have to show proof of relationship with your purported family members.

Getting started

  1. Get a copy of the Petition for Alien Relative form. If you are being assisted by an immigration lawyer, you may obtain a copy from the latter. The form can also be downloaded online. Fill out the form completely and according to the instructions and guidelines given.
  2. File the form. You may receive a confirmation stating that your petition has been received.
  3. After filing the Petition for Alien Relative form, and after demonstrating that you have a qualifying relationship with the beneficiary, your petition will be approved. Upon approval of your petition, the family member that you are seeking to sponsor or petition will be given a priority date. Priority date is your beneficiary’s place in line with all other applicants who are intending to immigrate to the US based on the same class of immigration petition filed in your beneficiary’s country.
  4. As soon as your family member’s priority date reaches the front line, he or she may enter the US after completing the requirements and documentation.
  5. You will have to submit an Affidavit of Support form, which will assure the government that you consent to become your relative’s financial sponsor when he or she arrives in the country. The affidavit must be submitted before a relative can be admitted to the United States. If your income fails to meet the minimum requirement of the law for sponsors, you may get a  financial co-sponsor.

Children of the Petitioner

  • Unmarried children may join your spouse in the same petition that you filed for your spouse, provided that your children are only 21 years old or younger when your spouse’ priority date becomes current.
  • If the unmarried children turned 21 before your spouse reaches the front line, you will need to file a separate petition for each child included in the original petition.

If you are planning to petition your family to Los Angeles, the dedicated team of immigration lawyers at Niren and Associates can help you. Niren and Associates, a firm with over decades of experience can be reached at (213) 232-4397 or at [email protected].

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