US Introduces the Interview Waiver Program in India

With an increased demand from Indian tourists, a new visa program is being introduced which will allow Indian nationals under certain categories to receive a visa without having to be interviewed in person at a US consular office.  This news was warmly welcomed by Janmejaya an indian national who is looking to visit her family members in Los Angeles (LA) California.


Interview Waiver Program for Indian Nationals

The program, known as the Interview Waiver Program, is intended to make it easier for Indians to visit the United States for business and pleasure.  Considering the total spending by Indian travelers was $4.6 billion in 2011 which was a 15 percent increase from 2010, making it easier for Indians to have access to the United States certainly has strong economic advantages.    


To qualify:

  1. In order to qualify for the waiver, a person must be applying for the same category visa that was earlier granted; and
  2. they must apply at the same place such as at the US Embassy in Delhi or at the US Consulates in Mumbai, Chennai, or Kolkata.
  3. In addition, the applicant must not have been previously denied a visa within the same category and the previous visa must still be valid or it must have expired within the past four years.

Attracting more visiting Indians

Statistics report that the number of Indians visiting the United States per year is expected to reach one million by the year 2015 and as a result, become one of the top 10 countries of tourists who temporarily come to the United States.

In an effort to increase the number of Indian visitors to the United States per year, the newly appointed US Ambassador to India, Nancy Powell, announced that the US Embassy and Consulates throughout India will make it easier for Indian citizens to obtain visas.

Speaking at a travel seminar designed to ease and promote travel opportunities to the United States, Powell addressed a gathering of eager delegates that the United States had 600,000 Indian visitors in 2011 and is on track to break past 1 million visitors annually.  


Popular US destinations

Powell noted that Indian visitors are not limiting themselves to popular destinations like New York and Las Vegas but also Disney World and other family-friendly locations such Los Angeles, and Hollywood in California are becoming quite popular with Indian visitors.

Some experts see the new move by the Obama Administration to move the United States back into the top 10 spot amongst favorite destinations for Indian travelers as the United States recently dropped from fourth place to 13th place.

According to James Hermann, Counselor for Consular Affairs, the move aims to provide visas without interviews to 25 percent of applicants provided that they meet the requirements.  


Eligibility is not a guarantee

The eligibility for interview waiver is not a guarantee to the issuance of a visa. It does not follow also that the person who is eligible will be granted an interview waiver. It is therefore wise to always consult a licensed immigration lawyer to help you in your immigration or visa application problems.

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