The L-1 Visa For Workers Being Transferred to LA

If you are hoping to expand your business to the United States, or you are expecting to be transferred by your Canadian employer to the United States, you are required to get a United States work visa.

The type of United States work visa that applies to this specific situation is the L1 Work visa, which is for business expansion and employee transfers. However, this visa does not apply to every inter-country business transfer, and you will have to meet the specific requirements for the visa if you are going to apply. L-1 Visa for the United States

Requirements for applying for an L1 work visa for the United States

If you are an employee who is being transferred to a United States office, you cannot hold just any position at that company. You need to be in a managerial position, an executive position or a specialized knowledge position – all of which have strict legal definitions with respect to the L1 work visa.

In addition to the specific position, the United States office you are being transferred to must be related to the foreign company you work for, and the foreign company must remain in business after the transfer is completed. The US office may be an affiliate, a branch, a parent company or a subsidiary of the foreign company.

You cannot be a brand new employee of the foreign company, you must have at least one year of working experience at that company within the last three years, and this one year of work has to have been full time work.

It does not matter what size your business is. Whether it is large, medium or small, you can still apply for the L1 work visa. We have helped many owners of businesses of all sizes expand into the United States, and we can help you too! Contact us at the phone number above for assistance.

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