How Can I Move to the United States?

“I am going to back up and move to the United States” is often spoken out loud by Canadians either during freezing weather or after a federal election. But is it really that easy? Actually, it isn’t. It is very difficult to become a permanent resident of the United States, but there are proper immigration channels that you can use to do so. Apply for a TN visa

People who move to the United States permanently are called legal permanent residents. You may have heard of “getting a green card”, and that’s what a permanent resident is. It is a very highly sought-after immigration status, but you have to do it the right away.

Permanent resident categories for the United States

Family Sponsorship: Your close family members can sponsor you for permanent residency in the United States if they themselves are already permanent residents, or if they are citizens.

Spousal Sponsorship: Just as with family sponsorship, your spouse can sponsor you to the United States if they are a citizen or permanent resident. There are very strict requirements surrounding this type of application, including income requirements.

Employer-based petitions: Your employer can petition you for permanent residency if you are in the United States working on a visa already.

You may not be sure whether you are qualified for the above categories, or you may be interested in exploring whether you have any other options available to you.

We are an immigration law firm that has been helping people from all over the world move to the United States, and we can help you too. Please contact our immigration law firm for assistance with your quest to move to the United States.

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