Obtaining an E2 Visa for the United States

If you are a foreign national who has the capital to invest in a United States business, you may be eligible to apply for an E2 investor visa for the United States. This is a specific kind of visa available for investors who are foreign nationals.

In order to be eligible, you must be from a country that has a treaty agreement with the United States.  E2 Investor Visa

These visas are not easy to obtain because there are strict specifications surrounding the investment itself. However if you think you might be eligible or want to explore more United States work visa options, please contact our immigration law firm.

Requirements for an E2 investor visa for the United States

An investor who is a foreign national and citizen of a country that has a treaty with the United States must be able to prove they have the funds available to invest in a United States business. The investment must be significant, and generally will fall near the amount of $100,000 USD.

The investment cannot be in a passive investment opportunity, like buying a house. It must be an investment made in an active business, where at least half (50%) of the business is owned by a foreign national. The investment must also generate a profit, and this profit has to exceed the amount that would provide a living for the foreign national and their dependents or family.

There is also the E1 visa, which is for traders who are involved in the purchase, sale or exchange of goods and merchandise.

Do you think one of these E visas might be a good fit for you? Please contact us for assistance.

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