Questions to ask an immigration lawyer in LA

Do you plan on immigrating to Los Angeles? Many people come to Los Angeles every year to work, study or to live permanently. Whether you are looking to obtain any kind of visa to come to Los Angeles or you are having trouble entering the United States at all, an immigration lawyer can help you. Just think, while this may be your first time dealing with the immigration system, a good immigration lawyer has processed thousands of immigration applications already with success. They are familiar with the overall process and know how to make applications their most effective. But, are all immigration lawyers the same? The answer is, no. Before you choose to hire an immigration lawyer, ask them the following questions: 

Before you hire an immigration lawyer

What do you charge? Not all immigration lawyers have the same rates, but whatever the case you should know what you’re paying in advance and not be surprised by their fees later.

Will I be successful? An immigration lawyer has the resources and experience to give you an idea of how successful your application will be, better than anyone else – but they should never guarantee approval even if they know that’s what you want to hear. Even if they’re the best lawyer around, they can only set you up for the best chance of success – not guarantee it. If they do, something’s up.

How often will you contact me? You should expect your immigration lawyer to be responsive to your calls and e-mails, and if they’re busy at the moment, to reply to you in a timely fashion. You should also expect updates on your case’s progress when they are available.

Who will be handling my case? Some immigration law firms have a team of lawyers available to handle cases, so the specific lawyer you saw in an advertisement may not actually be the one handling your own case. This isn’t a negative thing, but ask to be sure whoever handles your case is just as qualified.

Please contact our immigration law firm to speak with a licensed immigration attorney regarding any of the questions above or to set up an appointment for an assessment of your case. We are here to help you have the best chance for success when you want to immigrate to the United States or Canada, and you can find us using the phone number on the top of this page.

Any information provided here does not constitute legal advice and is intended for general information only. Should you require legal advise, you are encouraged to contact a lawyer directly. All blog postings are public and are not subject to solicitor/client confidentially. Case results depend on a variety of factors unique to each case, and case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any further case undertaken by the lawyer.



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