Skilled Worker Applications

Obtaining Permanent Residence in Canada as a Skilled Worker

To be considered for the Skilled Worker Class, you must have at least one year of full-time work experience that has occurred within the past 10 years in one of the occupations listed in either Skill Level A or B of the National Occupational Classification or Skill Type 0.

The National Occupational Classification was created by the Human Resources Development of Canada to catalog occupations within the Canadian labor market. The five bands that make up the National Occupational Classification include:


Skill Type 0 Management Occupations

Skill Level A Professional and Related occupations
Skill Level B Technical, skilled trades and paraprofessional occupations
Skill Level C Occupations of intermediate level, clerical or supportive functions
Skill Level D Elemental sales or service and primary labor occupations

Subject to certain limited exceptions, only experience in Skill Type 0 or Skill Levels A and B are considered relevant for applicants in the Independent/Skilled Worker Class.


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Unless you have been a legal resident of Canada for at least one year or are offered employment, you are required to have at least one year of continuous full-time or paid work experience in the past 10 years in one of 20 high demand occupations.

To qualify, it is essential that you know what Canadian immigration officers are looking or. You also need to provide all the proper documentation in the proper order. Without such preparation, the chance of your application being accepted is not nearly as high.

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How Do You Keep Up with Current Immigration Laws?

Below are some of the most recent changes to the Skilled Worker Program.

The Skilled Worker category was designed for individuals who plan to immigrate to Canada on the strength of their own personal accreditations.

To qualify for this category, the strengths of several individual factors regarding their unique circumstances are considered and applicants are awarded “points” based on these personal strengths.

The amount of “points” that are needed for you to qualify for the Skilled Worker program is 67.Below is a list of the differing factors that award you these points.

Be aware that calculating your points can be extremely complicated. There is much more to consider then just adding up the score.

It is NOT recommended that you try to add up the points on your own.

There are several legal issues that must be considered in the calculation of your immigration points before you can start to add up your composite score

It is essential to have a thorough understanding of Canadian immigration law in order to accurately assess if you have enough to points to qualify for the Skilled Workers program. You are encouraged to seek out a professional assessment in order to ensure that your score is completely and accurately calculated.

For those that have at least one year of work experience within the last ten years in one of the occupations listed under Skill Type O, A or B, you will be assessed according to the selective criteria by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada office.

It is vital for potential applicants to reach a minimum score of sixty-seven (67) points overall in order for them to be considered eligible to become a permanent residents of Canada.

These selection criteria are as follows:
Education Maximum 25 Points
Official Languages Maximum 24 Points
Experience Maximum 21 Points
Arranged Employment Maximum 10 Points
Age Maximum 10 Points
Adaptability Maximum 10 Points
Total Points 100 Points


Points to Pass 67 Points

Even if an application scores below 67 points, he or she may still be approved for the Skilled Workers program. This is possible in cases where the immigration officer exercises positive discretion in the applicant’s favor.

The Immigration Regulations allow an immigration officer to exercise positive discretion in such a case, if the officer holds the opinion that it is likely that the applicant will be able to successfully and economically establish himself/herself within Canada.

At the same time, the Immigration Regulations give an immigration officer the ability to deny somebody who scored 67 points or above if the officer gets the impression that the applicant will be unlikely to economically establish himself/herself in Canada.

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