Sponsor a spouse to Los Angeles in 2012

If you want to sponsor your spouse to the United States, this process is called the Family Sponsored Green Card. When you apply, you file a Form 1-30, or Petition for an Alien Relative. 

When the United States immigration receives a petition for a green card under family sponsorship, they can approve or deny it. If it is approved, the person who filed it will be notified.

After this, the visa petition for a family sponsored green card will go to the Department of State’s National Visa Centre until an immigrant visa number is ready. The Department of State will contact you:

When they get the visa petition.
When a visa number is ready.

Who else can I sponsor for a green card for the US?

A United States citizen can sponsor: Their spouse, their unmarried child who is under the age of 21, their married child who is over 21, their brother or sister that is over 21 or their brother or sister who are younger than 21 provided the sponsor is over 21.

A United States green card holder or permanent resident can sponsor: Their spouse or unmarried child that is any age.

When does the sponsorship obligation end?

When you sponsor a spouse to the United States, you have to prove that you are completely financially able to support your spouse. This obligation is very important, and you will sign an agreement to this effect.

If you get a divorce, you are still responsible for them financially. The sponsored spouse must become a naturalized citizen, leave the United States completely for good or one of you must pass away for the sponsorship obligation to actually end.

We are experienced immigration attorneys who will strive to make your dreams of reuniting your family in the United States a reality. The process is complicated and difficult, but we are ready to put in the work for you. We can ensure that you not only qualify for spousal sponsorship to avoid your time being wasted, but we can also help you through the application process for the best chance of success to eliminate the possibility of a mistake on your application.

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