Five Tips for Applying for a TN Visa for LA

Are you a Canadian citizen who wants to work in the United States? If you have a job offer already, you may be one step closer with the TN visa. Like all foreign nationals, you need to apply for a work visa to work in the United States legally. However, you are at an advantage because there are visas available to you like the TN visa. This visa will provide you with the opportunity to work in the United States, but only if you qualify for it and your application is successful. spousal Sponsorship

Tips for applying for a TN visa for Canadians working in the US

Tip 1: Make sure that you are qualified for the job you have been offered in the United States, and that you have the resume, references and experience to prove it.

Tip 2: Make sure that the job you have been offered is on the NAFTA list.

Tip 3: Make sure that the job offer letter you received from your potential employer is formatted correctly as required for a TN visa.

Tip 4: Ensure that your resume is easy to read and up to date.

Tip 5: Always have a licensed immigration lawyer review your supporting documentation when you apply for a TN visa. After all, it’s much better to catch a mistake before you apply than during your application.

Do not leave such an important opportunity to chance – speak with a licensed immigration lawyer before you apply for your TN visa. While it isn’t an easy process, a licensed immigration lawyer can ensure that your application and supporting documentation is ready to go and is free from errors. Contact us at the phone number above as soon as possible, and we can help you!

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