TN Visa Lawyers in LA

A Canadian citizen who wants to work in Los Angeles could be eligible for a TN visa. Under the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), the TN visa can be processed quickly for a Canadian citizen. However, faster processing does not mean that a TN visa is easier to obtain than other types of United States work permits. You must be able to meet the many requirements that the United States immigration department has set out for TN visa applications. 

Work in LA on a TN Visa

Before you make your application to obtain a TN visa at the border or port of entry, make sure you have all of the necessary supporting documentation and that you have had this documentation reviewed by a licensed immigration attorney. If something is forgotten or not formatted properly, you could be denied for a TN visa.

Do you have proof of your Canadian citizenship in the form of either a birth certificate or a valid passport? You must prove you are a Canadian citizen be apply for a TN visa.

Do you have your job offer letter? It must be for a job that appears on Chapter 15, Schedule 2 of the North American Free Trade Agreement list of jobs that qualify for a TN visa, and this job offer must be formatter properly to go with your application.

Do you have evidence that you are qualified for the job you’ve been offered? You will need to demonstrate to United States border officials that you have the education and work experience to be qualified for the job you’ve been offered.

TN Visa Lawyers serving LA

Our immigration law firm can help you apply for a TN Visa. We are a team of licensed immigration attorneys who have been helping Canadians work in the United States for over 15 years and have award-winning customer service. A United States work visa application is not something that you should leave up to chance. Seek the assistance of a qualified professional and let us make the process easier for you. We can be contacted at the phone number above! Contact us as soon as you have an job offer and know you’ll need to apply to work in the United States.

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