Do Canadians Need a Visa to Visit Los Angeles in 2012?

In general, Canadian citizens do not need a visa to visit the United States. They can just show the customs and border officials at the US-Canada border that they are Canadian citizens with their valid Canadian passport. However, there are a few exceptions. 

Canadian citizens with criminal records

A Canadian citizen with a criminal record may be deemed criminally inadmissible to the United States. If they attempt to enter the United States at the US-Canada border or a United States port of entry such as an airport, they could be denied entry to the Untied States and effectively turned away.

However, if you have a criminal record, you could apply for a US waiver of inadmissibility, which is good for five years (less if the immigration officer decides it should be for less) and you will be allowed into the United States despite your criminal inadmissibility. You will have to show your US waiver of inadmissibility every time you enter the United States for the length of its duration.

If you have a criminal record and want to visit the United States, you should discuss your case with a licensed immigration lawyer long before you travel to make sure it goes smoothly.

Canadian permanent residents

Canadian permanent residents are not the same as Canadian citizens and will require a non-immigrant visa to come to the United States, such as a tourist visa.

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