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Did you know that even though Canadians and Americans can normally visit each others’ countries with ease, there are some situations that can cause a Canadian citizen to be denied entry to the United States? Being denied entry can be embarrassing and highly distressing, especially if you have made plans or have something very important that you have to get to in the United States such as a family emergency. However, there is a way to overcome your inadmissibility to the United States. 

Why would someone be denied entry to the United States

There are many different reasons someone is denied entry to the United States. These reasons can stem from criminal charges, including:

Having a criminal record in the United States, having a criminal record in Canada, have criminal charges stemming from drug-related incidents, terrorism charges or trafficking charges.

These reasons can also stem from prior immigration violations, such as having been deported from the United States previously, having been the subject of a removal order, or having overstayed a previous United States visa.

There are also additional reasons you could be denied entry to the United States, such as a health problem, a communicable disease or a drug addiction.

If one of these issues applies to you, you could be eligible to apply for a United States waiver to remove your inadmissibility to the United States. However, not all of these reasons for being denied entry to the United States have a United States waiver option.

United States Waiver lawyers in Los Angeles

We are a group of licensed immigration attorneys that understand the sometimes difficult facets of the United States immigration system. We have processed thousands of denial of entry cases with success and helped many Canadians enter the United States when they would otherwise not be able to. If you want help entering the United States, have already been denied entry to the United States or are concerned that one of the criteria of inadmissibility could apply to you, contact us as soon as you know you need to travel to the United States. The United States Waiver application process can be time consuming, which is why it’s important that you call as soon as possible. We are here to help you!

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