My Work Permit for Canada was Refused, What Should I Do?

Even the most qualified applicants can have their work permit for Canada application denied. Whether the immigration officer processing your case made an error or you yourself made a mistake or forgot to include something with your application, the reasons for a work permit being refused are many. 

If your work permit for Canada was refused, the first thing you should do is discuss your case with a licensed immigration lawyer or attorney. We will need to determine what went wrong with your application, and then determine an avenue of appeal.

Qualifications for a Canada work visa

If you were notified of a refusal for your work permit application, you may have not met the qualifications. There are many specific requirements for a Canadian work permit that depend on a number of things. While some people in specific occupations are exempt from requiring a work permit in Canada, most people need one.

Whether or not you are qualified for a Canada work visa depends on many things such as what country you are from, what job you have, whether you have a valid job offer and whether you meet the requirements to come to Canada.

The appeals process is complex, but appealing your work permit refusal is the next step.

Your appeal options may include:

1. A request for restoration to the Case Processing Centre.
2. An appeal to the Immigration Adjudication Division.
3. An appeal to the Federal Court of Canada.

Please note that you may only have as little as 30 days to appeal your work visa refusal. If you have received word from Citizenship and Immigration Canada of a refusal, contact us immediately for an assessment of your case.

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