How to Get a US work visa for LA from Canada

Getting a US work visa from Canada is typically a faster process than if you were a foreign national from a country other than Canada. For example, Canadians are eligible, unlike other foreign nationals, to obtain TN visas to work in the United States. The TN visa is a visa that is specific to professional occupations such as being a doctor or lawyer. The jobs that are appropriate for a TN visa to work in the United States require a high level of education, credentials and sometimes licenses. 

What’s Involved in Obtaining a TN Visa

To obtain a TN Visa for the United States, you will require a job offer from a United States employer. This job offer must be in one of the appropriate occupations that is on the NAFTA list (North American Free Trade Agreement) specifically for a TN visa.

Your future employer will also have to draft this job offer in a specific way so it is a petition for a TN visa on your behalf. You will need the job offer formatted this way so that it can be included in your application package for the TN Visa.

When you apply for a TN visa, you do it at the US border or port of entry when it’s time to head over there to work. However, you can also be denied for a TN visa and if so, you must return to Canada immediately even if you have a job waiting for you.

This is why it is especially important to ensure that you have all of your supporting documentation ready for your TN visa. This way, when you visit the US border or port of entry you will be able to inform customs officials of your intentions and will be prepared should you have to undergo an interview – which is likely. In the interview, you must provide information relating to yourself and your job offer, indicating that you are qualified for the job you’ve been offered.

If you do not qualify for a TN Visa, there are many other options for Canadians who want to work in the United States by obtaining a US work visa. Aside from the TN visa, Canadians are welcome to apply for any other US work visa that other foreign nationals wish to apply for depending on their situation.

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